Facilities Policies and Procedures

First Baptist Church of Ellijay, Georgia recognizes the blessings that God has provided our church. FBC acknowledges the responsibility to manage and use these physical and spiritual blessings to further God’s work in the community in which we worship. This Policy reflects the desire to use the facilities to glorify God, to minister to church members, and to reach out to the surrounding community. The Facility Use Policy is intended to provide a fair and consistent guideline for the use of FBC facilities. This policy is guided by Biblical principles and the desire to be good stewards of the facilities God has provided. Any use of these facilities which are non-Biblical or inconsistent with the beliefs and doctrines of FBC are strictly prohibited The Administrative Committee is the final authority for interpretation of the Facility Use Policy of FBC. Any request for use of the facilities or the property of FBC may be referred to the Administrative Committee for a decision. Decisions made by the Administrative Committee regarding requests to use the facilities of FBC are final. 


1. The primary purpose of the facilities of First Baptist Church is for the functions and activities of the congregation in its ministries.

2. Any other use of the facilities is expected to be in harmony with the principles and standards of the congregation, and the beliefs and doctrines of First Baptist Church.

3. The FBC property and facilities will not be used for profit-making, political organizations or fund-raising purposes, other than to fund approved FBC ministries.

4. All facility keys must be checked out at the church office and returned ASAP after the event.

5. Non-member events will be approved at the discretion of the Minister of Administration and may not be scheduled more than one calendar year in advance.

6. To reserve any area for an event or activity, availability must be confirmed through our church website which maintains the master schedule/calendar. It is the responsibility of the group or the group organizer to reserve the facility for the event. This typically will require the completion of a “Building Use Request Form” by the requester. Registration forms are available under the Resources tab.

7. All operating fees must be paid in full, in advance to secure a reservation on the FBC & Community Calendar. Fees are due 30 days prior to the scheduled event. The operating fee for a shower/reception is $50/hr. for the fellowship hall (maintenance and utilities) and $45/hr. for the kitchen (maintenance and utilities). Additional charges would be added if food services personnel are used. If an event has to be canceled, and cancellation is done 7 days prior to the event, monies paid will be reimbursed.

8. Church facilities will not be rented to non-member groups beyond the normal operating hours of Building Services without prior coordination to assure the facilities are cleaned and suitable for use after the event.

9. All activities shall generally conclude no later that 10:00 p.m. on week days and 9:00 p.m. on Saturday to allow time for the facility to be cleaned, readied for use, and locked up. Always please leave the space in the condition in which you found it, or better.

10. No tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, or illegal drugs are permitted on church property or in church buildings at any time. Weapons of any kind are also prohibited from the grounds and facilities unless they are in the possession of a law officer.

11. The use of roller blades, roller skates and skateboards inside church facilities or on church property is prohibited.

12. To avoid potential damage, indoor sports, organized or unorganized, will not be permitted in church facilities.

13. Sanctuary use will be limited to weddings, funerals, approved recitals and other specially approved activities.

14. Sanctuary furniture will not be moved for any event without expressed approval of Building Services Coordinator, the Pastor, the Minister of Education and Administration, or the Minister of Music.

15. All requests for sanctuary use during daytime hours on week days, other than funerals, which require more than one microphone, must have a sound technician arranged for by the FBC office before the reservation will be finalized. A fee of $25 will be charged for this service.

16. The Minister of Music must approve guest organists and/or pianists and an organ orientation session may be required, for which a fee may be charged. Guest musicians should schedule any needed rehearsal time in the sanctuary well in advance with the Building Services Coordinator, Minister of Music, or Church Organist.

17. If child-care areas are reserved/rented for your event, you must ensure that at least three responsible adults are present at all times when there are children in the room(s). Additionally, the recruitment of baby-sitters for the event and payment for their services is the requestor’s responsibility, although the FBC Director of Children’s Ministries may be able to make recommendations.

18. All candles used are to be dripless, with protective plastic placed under the holders. 

19. Scotch tape may not be used on pews, walls, or any other painted surfaces in the facility. 

20. Personal belongings must be removed from the facility immediately following the event. This is especially important after Saturday events, so that cleaning may be completed in preparation for Sunday worship activities. 

21. All Building Services, sound-technician, and kitchen supervisor services must be approved by First Baptist Church Minister of Education and Administration. 

22. The current policies and fee structure for facility usage may be changed at any time by action of the FBC Administrative Committee and approval by members of FBC. 

23. Regular church activities take precedence over special activities. Churchconnected organizations have preference over non-church in scheduling. 

24. All activities conducted within the building and on church property must conform to all safety and fire codes. Activities that endanger people or are likely to damage or deface the property are prohibited. 

25. Please use ONLY your assigned space. Please respect any other group(s) that may be in the building at the same time. 

26. The requestor is responsible for any damage caused to the building, to any of the equipment therein, or to the grounds, and any such must be reported to the Office Assistant. If such an occurrence is after office hours, the requestor should leave a note for the assistant or leave a voice mail message with the church office. 

27. Please close windows, turn off lights, take out garbage and leave the room(s) as clean as found. Lock all outside doors when leaving. 

28. Any special equipment to be used at the meeting or event must be brought to the facility for each meeting. FBC cannot store equipment for you. The Minister of Ed and Ad must approve any exceptions to this.

29. FBC will refuse the privilege of use of the facilities to any person or group unable to abide by the above rules or Doctrines of the FBC. 

30. Church office equipment is restricted and is for church use only. The equipment is to be used only by the staff, during office hours.