Counseling Services

We at FBC Ellijay believe there is great value in seeking counsel in times of emotional need. We highly recommend the following Christian counseling practices. These practices offer professional counseling services through a Christian perspective. Please contact us if we can be of assistance as you are considering which practice best fits your needs.

  • Grace to Glory Counseling is designed to help foster wholeness, healing, and hope in the lives of people through Christ-centered counseling. Mandi Call offers in-house counseling at FBC Ellijay. She has a master's degree in Pastoral Counseling with an emphasis in Family and Marriage. Her desire is to see people flourish in life and faith. Services include: individual and couples counseling; marriage and family counseling; premarital counseling; grief counseling; and more.


  • The Rapha House, located in Dalton, provides compassionate, professional and Christ-centered counseling services and life coaching to the community. Their certified counselors desire for people from all walks of life to experience restoration of relationships with others, themselves, and God. They desire to glorify God by helping people during times of need and transition.  Their services include: individual counseling and coaching; couples and relational counseling; parents and parenting issues; blended families; pastor and clergy support and care; adolescent and young adult therapy; family counseling; grief, loss, and trauma; abuse, addiction, and compulsions

  • Joy House Counseling Center exists for the purpose of providing a faith-based option for residents of the Highway 575/ 515 corridor who seek guidance with life’s problems. They provide Christ-centered restorative care for struggling teens, families, and individuals. They have locations in Pickens, Gilmer and Cherokee Counties with fees based on income and ability to pay. They offer counseling to all ages, from 7 to 70, with professional services to a wide variety of individuals, families and their needs.

  • Soul Care seeks to be more than counselors who happen to be Christians. They facilitate psychological healing and spiritual change through a unified approach of Christian Counseling and Spiritual Direction. They invite you to let them accompany you in a process of emotional healing and spiritual transformation.