Sunday School Classes

co-ed adult CLASSES

College and Young Adults

Room EC11

Doug and Naomi Moore

Young Families

Room  EC21

Mark and Charla Adcock

Young Married

Room EC23

John and Mandi Call

Hispanic Class

Room EC16

Herman Rivas

Age 25-60

Room EC24

Ben Kiker

Age 35-55

Room EC13

David Henson

Age 35-65

Room EC22

Ed Lacey

Age 40-65

Room F23

Betty Jean Carter

Age 50-65

Room EC10

Nancy Gheesling

Age 55+

Room F22

Chris Overvold

Age 60-75

Room F25

Tim Prater

Age 65+

Fellowship Hall

Del Land


Men, age 55+

Room F21

John Williamson


Room EC27

Roberta Thomas

Women, age 45-70

Room F20

Tammy Baker

Women, age 65-80

Room F24

Sharon Bailey

Women, age 80+

Pastor's Study

Ann Winn

youth and children


Students, 7th-12th Grades

Student Center

Children, 5th-6th Grades

Children's Wing, Room F16

Children, 3rd-4th Grades

Children's Wing, Room F14

Children, 1st-2nd Grades

Children's Wing, Room F10

Preschool, ages 4 & 5

Preschool Hall, Room 119

Preschool, ages 2 & 3

Preschool Hall, Room 106

Preschool, babies and age 1

Preschool Hall, Room 110