Deacon Nominations

Deacon nomination information/expectations:

The following should be considered when nominating candidates for the office of deacon:

  1. He must be a practicing tither to First Baptist Church.
  2. He should honor the privacy of those things shared with him in confidence either by an individual or the deacons as a group.
  3. Those elected as deacons are expected to attend the deacons' meetings.
  4. Each deacon will be expected to participate in some specific area or areas of ministry.
  5. Deacons are expected to subscribe to Baptist doctrine and the Articles of Faith and Church Covenant as outlined in the First Baptist Church Constitution.

Other criteria listed under "Deacons and Their Qualifications" in the First Baptist Church Constitution:

  1. A deacon nominee shall have been a member of this church at least one year prior to the presentation of the nominee's name to the church for election.
  2. In electing deacons, the church shall make a diligent effort to choose individuals who have proven spiritual maturity. They shall be honorable, faithful to their Lord and church, of good and honest report, and true servants of God (I Timothy 3:8-12 and Acts 6:1-6).

The following are active deacons. Please do not nominate these men: John Call, Marvin Chance, Ken Cowen, Bob Fenner, Ronnie Gheesling, David Henson, Mark Holden, Marty Pankey, Jack Price, Don Reil, Skeeter Schuessler, Larry Warren

Click the link below to nominate up to 3 men for consideration as deacons of First Baptist Church. 

In nominating these men, you indicate that you feel each is qualified to serve in this capacity because:

  • He measures up to the requirements for a deacon as shown in Acts 6:1-6 and 1 Timothy 3:8-13.
  • He meets criteria listed under "Other Qualifications" in First Baptist Church Constitution.
  • He has proven that he is a spiritually minded man.
  • He has demonstrated a positive, cooperative spirit with the staff and the total membership.
  • He regularly attends and supports the total church program.
  • He has demonstrated a real love for the Lord, people, and his church.