Thank you for your willingness to help!

The following is a list of VBS needs. Anything you are able to help with will be greatly appreciated!

Please email ALICE HOLT to let her know what you will donate.

Shepherd Staff


30 Sponge Balls

20 Pool Noodles

100 Chenille Wires

2 gray dropcloths

2 aluminum clamp lights

6 oversized sunglasses

10 rolls of masking tape

1 package 9" or 12" balloons

300 multicolored pom poms

6 cardboard boxes (med. - lg.)

6 rolls of scotch tape

4 boxes of glue dots

200 8-oz. water bottles

20 lg. plastice disposable plates

1 oscillating sprinkler

10 medium buckets

1 gold sheet

200 plastic jewelry rings

1 roll of green craft paper

1 roll of brown craft paper

6 wading pools

100 arrow sticky notes

1 roll gaffer's tape

1 roll of course rope (25 feet or more)

artificial greenery - several (i.e. ferns and non-flowers)