CentriKid Day Camp FAQ's

Check out our frequently asked questions below. If you have a question about something that isn't covered here, contact ALICE HOLT.

How much does CentriKid Day Camp cost?

The cost to attend CentriKid Day Camp is $190. This includes 5 activity-packed days full of fun and Biblical teaching, as well as a daily sack lunch. (See below)

What safety precautions will be in place?  

Your child's safety is our highest priority. All CentriKid staff and church volunteers are thoroughly vetted and have completed a background check. We will have at least one adult present for every 8 kids.

What COVID-19 protocols are in place?

We will follow CentriKid's COVID-19 protocols. For current protocols, click HERE.

Will lunch be provided?

Yes, a sack lunch will be provided every day, as well as unlimited water. You also have the option of sending a lunch from home. Please indicate which option you will be using on your registration form.

If your child requires frequent snacks, he/she is welcome to bring and keep them in his/her bag or backpack. We want your child's day to be without worries, so please contact ALICE HOLT for special situations.

What should my child bring?

A Bible, small notepad, and pen; a refillable water bottle; backpack or bag to carry everything. Please label everything with your child's name.

How will drop-off and pick-up work?

Check-in is at 8:30 AM and check-out is at 4:00 PM. Morning check-in closes at 9:00 AM. Both check-in and check-out happen daily and will take place in the FBC Ellijay Welcome Center located at the front of the main church building. Only authorized adults, as indicated on the registration form, will be allowed to check out a child.

It is important that your child arrives on time each day so he/she does not miss key sections. Special situations will need to be scheduled in advance by contacting ALICE HOLT.

How should my child dress?

Your child will be busy and active all day long! Comfortable, modest school clothes that can get messy are perfect. Closed-toe shoes are required.

What if my child has food allergies?

We want to be sensitive to all allergies. A sack lunch will be provided each day. If your child has severe food allergies we recommend he/she bring their own lunch. Please indicate all allergies on the registration form so we can be aware and properly care for your child while he/she is with us.

Will my child be with his/her friends?

Your child will have opportunity to connect with friends during the day, and will also have the chance to branch out and meet new people. Children will be divided up into Bible Study groups and track times. CentriKid staff is very aware of friend dynamics and concentrate on the best situation for your child's day.

What will the daily schedule be?

It is important that your child arrives on time each day so he/she does not miss key sections. Check-in closes at 9:00 AM. Special situations will need to be scheduled in advance by contacting ALICE HOLT.


8:30 AM  Check-In

9:00 AM  Large Group: I Can't Wait

9:30 AM  Track A

10:15 AM  Track B

11:00 AM  Lunch

11:45 AM  Bible Study

12:30 PM  Recreation

1:15 PM  Track C

2:00 PM  Track D

2:45 PM  Snack/Break

3:00 PM  Large Group: Worship

4:00 PM  Dismissal/Check-Out

What are track times and how does my child sign up?

Track times are the activity times throughout the day. There are 4 sets of tracks to choose from; indicate which set your child would like to sign up for on the registration form. Contact ALICE HOLT for details on individual tracks. 

Set  1. Basketball, Baseball, Flag Football, Indoor Games

Set 2. Creative Dance, Sign Language, Cheernastics, Volleyball

Set 3. Build It, Weird Science, Art Studio, Outdoor Games

Set 4. Archery, Outdoor Games, Soccer, Indoor Games

What Biblical lessons will my child learn during the week?

Click HERE for an outline of the week's Biblical theme.

Does my child need any spending money?

Spending money is optional. CentriKid offers a Day Camp Bundle for $20 that includes a backpack, buff, frilly flyer, sunglasses, and a slap bracelet. Items can be purchased separately as well. No spending money is needed unless your child wishes to purchase one of these CentriKid items. Day Camp Bundles can be requested on the registration from and paid for on Day 1 of camp.

What in the world is OMC??

CentriKid is known as the home of OMC! It is our large-group recreation game that takes place on the last full day of camp. If you have never experienced OMC before, here are the basics:

OMC stands for Organized Mass Chaos, and that pretty much sums it up!

The game lasts anywhere from 10-20 minutes based on supplies and location and the weather. The kids are split into 4 different groups and the goal is for your team to collectively complete the most task cards.

All the kids play at the same time, picking task cards and completing them as quickly as possible.

Even in the middle of all the fun, CentriKid staff will be very intentional about sharing the gospel. When the game is complete, staffers will make real-life Biblical application in a way that makes sense to kids.

An important note for parents: OMC is messy! Be sure your child wears clothes that can get messy on OMC day.